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Sharing and collaboration amongst professional has always driven excellence in healthcare. Now your conversations on social networks can empower and inform the public about their healthcare choices.

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Healthcare Social Media Marketing

Done the right way healthcare social media marketing is a direct link with a wider public. From regular content creation and efficient delivery, to monitoring audience engagement, we can get your brand buzzing.

It is a tool to push your medical surgery brand into the public arena. You can simultaneously build your unique brand and highlight your expertise.

The healthcare you provide puts your patients first. It is the same for your medical social media strategy. We work with you to understand the concerns and interests of your patient base to create unique content. It can be time consuming so we provide help every step of the way leaving you to focus on your patients’ wellbeing.

  • Strategy and Planning

    Social media for medical surgeries and clinics must be part of an integrated business development strategy. You need clear goals and know what you want to achieve. We need to discuss which social media platform is appropriate for your brand. Your team must be engaged and enthusiastic but they might need training. Keep in mind that medical social media is not an instant medical marketing solution but a conversation with the public. It is a commitment and we want to prepare you for it.

  • Content Creation and Delivery

    Your voice is part of your brand and that is what must be heard on social media. Whilst we can create brand savvy content for you, you are unique. When you present your business as a personality, people can see if they have anything in common with you. We feel that you and your team need to take responsibility for building your brand’s online persona.

    Each platform has a specific focus so we make content appropriate for each one. For instance Facebook marketing for doctors allows you longer more thoughtful postings. You can tell people about your special offers and share medical surgery information. It is also a good place for community engagement.

    Twitter allows you brief and informative communications, with links to longer content. Instagram offers patients colour and design. LinkedIn allows you to engage with other healthcare professionals and raise your profile. YouTube and other videography are growing in popularity as healthcare marketing.


  • Engagement and Interaction

    Social media is your community. Social is central to ‘social media’ and if you want to be successful you have to engage and interact. Caring is sharing. Your strategy to grow your social media presence will empower the public about their healthcare choices. The more medical and dental social media you make available, the more people will turn to their favourite healthcare brand.

    Online health campaigns are successful. Social media enables you join in the conversation, offering rational, considered opinions. You can advantage of these to target content and hone your brand. We want you buzzing online. Of course there are reputational issues to consider so it is up to you how much user generated material you allow. We can inform you about the pros and cons of responding to comments, positive and negative.

  • Social Advertising

    The allure of social advertising is this user generated buzz. When someone with a large group of followers or friends retweets or likes your tweet or Facebook page, people notice. The social network recognises people’s interest in a certain product or service.  Facebook marketing for dentists works in this way. For example, if someone has been looking for cosmetic dentistry, other dental Facebook ads will appear in their feed. You haven’t had to target them, they have sought out their own adverts.

    Twitter offers a social advertising campaign through ‘promoted tweets’. Promoted tweets appear in timelines, on profile pages, and on tweet detail pages. It enables you to place your best content in front of a large audience, at the time it will have most effect. They are clearly labelled as promoted but people can retweet them, reply to them, like them and more. This is excellent if you are publicising a particular issue or service.

  • Tracking and Analysis

    Social media platforms generally have their own built-in data analytics tools. We can track your progress, your success, and level of public engagement regularly.  Given that medical social media marketing is time consuming, we know you want to see results. It can be very satisfying to see how wide your message has spread.

    Contact us to discuss your requirements for maximising your medical social media impact.

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