SEO Chester

SEO Chester is what this page is trying to rank for. Our Director of Search Marketing created this page to rank it for that keyword just to show you our potential of Search Engine Optimisation for Chester companies. Chester SEO is needed for Chester companies and we should be YOUR first choice. Our director of Search Marketing has ranked many multi-millions pound companies for keyword volumes in the 100,000’s. Specialising in SME’s, MDM Digital Group can tackle any SEO queries at the best prices in Chester and further.

We monitor all SEO leads and traffic with googles very own tracking software. Google Analytics is the online software that helps us track everything on your site. From people clicking on and off your site (known as bounce rate) all the way to the number of new and returning users you have had on your site. This clever piece of tracking software collects data and tracks all the keywords your potential customers are typing in to find you, whether the traffic is coming from Social, Paid (PPC) or Organic.

Our Director of Search will then manually report this back to you month by month. He personally analyse every client to see where we can improve and to make sure your campaign is running smoothly. He also performs a lot of SEO on the campaigns himself.