As you guys may remember, one of our recent clients had partaken in a shoot for their site as photography helps advertising and has many other beneficial purposes that’ll be explained later. Well the results are in and we’re very pleased! What do you think? With this medical doctor, his speciality is Geriatric medicine, therefore a warm, welcoming feel must be achieved.

With our experience and attention to detail we realise that every client is DIFFERENT. And every business must portray a certain image; the photography must therefore accompany this vibe. Here are points on how photography aids business:


Photography gives that personal touch to a business. The client immediately feels like they know you and if portrayed properly can be quite inviting. This nature immediately gains trust.


Web users do not like lots of text and tend to get lost. Images keep things interesting and increase engagement.


Photography and videography are king for SEO!


On social media, images help to paint a picture of what you’re about and tell your business story! Which is a necessity for engagement online.

For medical website design and accompanying photography don’t be afraid to talk to us!